January 1st

Have I mentioned how excited I am for the new year to start?

It's almost a relief to think that you can start all over on the goals you've set (and failed at) the previous year

a. I am going to attempt (yet again) to do a Pantry Challenge

b. Be a little more consistent in blogging. In other words, make more time for myself and the things I enjoy

c. Get the recipes fully up and running at the other site I've been gradually working on here

d. Get the clutter gone. Once and for all. Honestly, I do NOT have a packrat mentality, but lately it seems there are little piles of papers (coupons) here and there, a few piles of clothes (keep or donate?) etc. I need to get back into the mode of dealing with immediately instead of adding to the stack to deal with tomorrow

e. Continue cleaning out the closet and drawers of clothes that I have not worn, will not wear, and just CAN NOT wear

f. Put more effort in to thrift shopping for items needed, primarily NEW clothes. For this I will rely my new favorite place

g. Menu plan, in a way that I can follow through. In otherwords, as hubby always says: Stick with the Plan!!!

and last, but not least

h. try to save one paycheck a month to the savings account. I would LIKE to do the $1088 check. I really think I could do it if I was just disciplined enough. I get 6 checks a month, and then the bonus checks (which SHOULD go to savings!). As I do not have safe, comfty feelings for 2010 as far as the economy goes, I really am thinking that I have the right mindset to do so.

So. What are everyone elses goals for the New Year?


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