Christmas and the after effects

That title sort of sounds omnious but it's not meant to be!

We are grateful to have Princess in for Christmas, along with her boyfriend. As it is the season of kindness, love and sharing, we agreed to let him stay here for most of the visit. Honestly, had I said no, we probably would not have had that much time with Princess. Breaks my heart, but I suppose this is what happens as the children grow into young adults .

Because we spent over $800 on her plane ticket to come home (thanks for the military discount Southwest NOT!) we kept gift giving a little on the low side.

I, however, did by myself a Wii along with the balance board and the Wii Active game.

Played the Wii balance board stuff on Christmas day. Woke up on Saturday with a very very sore shoulder and back area. Whew. Thinking I slept wrong. Popped to Aleve and moved on throughout my morning.

Decided to get out the Active game and see what its all about. Oh cool! It has boxing and heavy bag stuff. Woohoo. This is my kind of stuff!! Played about 35 minutes and was all hot and sweaty and pretty much cursing at the "trainer" for his annoying comments such as "you need to focus and punch a little harder next time" WTF?? Sorry.

ACK! Woke up this morning, Sunday, bright and early as we are driving Princess and BF back to Orlando this morning. Ummm. Hmmm. Yeah, this kind of feels familiar, this tightness, achy pain in my shoulders, back and ARMS. I am starting to think that this MAY be my new work out routine. Apparently I can set it up to track my results (I need to figure out how to tie Active in with the Board stuff) and workouts. Hmmm. This could be good. My girlfriend, across the street, she goes to the gym every morning at 5am and is trying to get me to rejoin the gym. I just HATE that is the only time you can go and not be waiting in line or rushed to finish a piece of equipment. Hubby would never go that early. BUT I think he would like this boxing stuff. It's pretty similar to what we were doing a year ago, the Power Boxing stuff (Alberto, where are you????). Now there is another Active game, newer (I guess?) that has the real cool workout stuff for like abs and such. I don't KNOW if I have that on mine, but plan on checking it out later today when we get back from Orlando.

So Christmas morning was very quiet. We opened the gifts we had. The Princess & BF went ot his moms for the day and night. Sonny Boy picked them up about 6pm on Saturday night and the three of them stayed up late playing cards. Kind of cool. I know the Boy really misses the Girl but can't say that out loud. Breaks my heart yet again.

As I said before, there are unbloggable issues going on in the family. Of course, they have to do with the Princess. Its out of my control, I can only offer my opinion, thoughts and advise, as much as they are not wanted or "needed", so I'm told. I try not to be commanding, I try to remember that she is being molded into a young, responsbile adult, albeit Military Style. But I look at her, my heart swells with both pride and hurt. Who would have thought such a thing was possible? I think I need to just let go of the hurt, but man, that is so hard.

So I just sit here, at the kitchen counter, this last Sunday of my Christmas weekend, hashbrowns cooking in the electric skillet, and not a sound in the house (except for the cat looking for something to get in to), look out the window at the crystal blue sky, see the gently swaying palm trees, and think to myself, All Is OK. It is what you make of it.


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