Menu Plan Monday 10/12

So really, because I've been doing my menus for 2 weeks at a shot, the last one ended on Friday so I'll pick up from Saturday ... Saturday ... long day on the boat and too much sun, tacos and chips Sunday ... ravioli and leftover chicken Monday ... pizza using the b1g1f boboli crust and the Presto Pizzaz cooking thing Tuesday ... leftovers, clean out the fridge, soup & sandwiches if nothing substantial to be found Wednesday ... dinner with Princess in Fort Leonardwood Thursday ... farewell and celebratory dinner with Princess in Fort Leonardwood Friday ... back home, have no clue what we will have to eat that night ... will have to check out the Menu Plans of others at the organizing junkie :) As you can see, a real boring plan for the week as we fly out early Wednesday to go see Princess graduate from basic training on Thursday morning. I am so dang excited to go see her ... I really really miss that girl! When we get back, I will shop for a few things (primarily milk, produce, bread) and continue my quest to whittle down my food supply a bit ... really do feel like I'm making progress as there is some space in the freezers. Most likely will go through them when we get back on the weekend as I need to get them better organized now that there is some room to move around.


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