Flu Shots

All that is in the news this morning is the flu shot vaccine has arrived in South Florida.

School districts are offering the vaccine to students.

92,000 dosages have arrived. Given to the highest risk category, including students. Pregnant women. People who work in school. Those with chronic illness.

Chronic Illness. Huh. Yesterday, front page of the Sun Sentinel newspaper was an article how they would start to move those who had minimal chance of recovery off ventilators to put those who had a better chance of recovery in the event of a mass flu outbreak. Huh. I wonder who makes that decision? Take a guess. It's not you or a loved one.

That makes me wonder ... alot of things.

So, if you were given the opportunity to have your kid vaccinated, for FREE, at school, would you?

Sonny Boy is not in line.


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