Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Unfortunately (or, maybe I should say fortunately!) sonny boy was sick Monday night and stayed home from school on Tuesday. Drats. He missed the speech to all school children by the Almighty Leader of the United States of America. I personally don't think this was such a bad thing. I was going to send a note to school with him AND send a fax to the guidance office that I request he go to the library during the viewing. Did you know that the School Board of Broward County did not give the option to choose to watch or not? They said it was MANDATORY. Hmmm. Can someone please tell me where in the curriculum it covers this kind of stuff? Does this help my child pass a test? Will this help my child get into college. Will it give him a further push to receive his diploma? I think not. Then to make matters worse, they had a recommended assignment list. Hmm. Somehow I know that this would be a very very bad thing. Like in the letter F being written in BIG RED LETTERS. See, think about this. If the child comes from a home that does not support or believe in the same exact things as the Almighty Leader of the United States of America, don't you think that would be a bit of an influence on the child? (Apparently not as much as I had hoped, but you'll see why in a minute). So when a student writes a report on what "inspired me" or what "I can do to help the president do better" (how about resigning?) don't you think that will come across on paper? And of course, we know that all teachers are not judgemental whatsoever. Why do I say that last line? Because. When the elections were going on last year, the teachers, a few of them, ok, 3 of the 4 that my kids had at that time, would hold little 30 minute discussions about the presidential election process and what a great opportunity this would be for America. Was it because of their race? A possibility. But when you have a teacher tell students that all that is wrong with America will be fixed once the Almighty man is elected, that sends the wrong message. So of course, my kids were kind of leaning towards that if they voted. Afterall, their teacher, who is educating them in school, is telling them that this man will fix all the problems. Of course, I'm asking WHAT PROBLEMS EXACTLY? At the end of the discussions, my kids would tell me I'm racist. I'm sorry. I am NOT racist. But I do believe that is the number one reason he was elected and won, because of his skin. Look at how many people signed up to vote who had never voted one single time in all their life. Come on. Are you really going to say that doesn't matter? So anyway, needless to say, Sonny boy was sick on Tuesday and did not get to see the speech that was broadcast to the students nationwide. Ok. I'm off my rant. But I'm curious as to how many others were a little upset (disturbed) if it was mandatory within your school to watch.


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