I will be the first one to say that pets are NOT frugal whatsoever. They really do require care that is not cheap, food, which you really should not just give them anything (meaning, the least expensive food) and entertainment. Heaven forbid something should go wrong healthwise because nothing is worse than trying to decide if you want to spend the money on Fido to make him well again or buy groceries for the month (been there, done that). I do have a cat. I adopted him. As hubby said, if it means saving a kitty's life then he would say yes. I did NOT want to get another pet. See the Missing Since February 1st, 2009 picture of the cat eyes? That was Kiki. He was Bengal. A very very expensive kitty. I did NOT buy him. He was pretty much abandoned by the guy down the street and I started to give him food and attention and next thing you knew, he was sleeping in the house. He was such a cool cat but quite the explorer. I still believe someone (maybe his original master) picked him up and took him. But that's how my current Kitty came about, he looked like Kiki in the pictures on line and when I went to see him, he just kept putting his paw outside the cage. Broke my heart. Told hubby about him, that it wasn't Kiki but still. And well, the rest is history. Now, I wanted to get him declawed. Was quoted $350 plus. Uh. No thanks. Had to train him & still continue to train him on scratching furniture. He doesn't, but does extend claws out and will occasionally snag furniture a tiny bit. Toys. Food. Cat litter. Extra cleaning time. And so on. Some of the BEST toys have been free. A bird feather. The cat thinks this is the best thing in the whole world. One of the kids bouncy balls from years ago ... he just stalks it as it rolls around the tile floor. ME. I am probably his best toy ... So, before you take the plunge and buy a pet, realize its a long term commitment that does have financial responsibilities. If you are barely paying your bills and feeding the family, do NOT get a pet. In the end, it will be negelected and there is nothing worse than that.


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