Doing things against my better judgment

You ever do that. Something that you know you really shouldn't be doing, but do it anyways? I'm sick. I've been sick. Ack. Ick. Brrrr. Friday night, my g/f had her 50th birthday party at the Hard Rock in Hollywood. So off I went. Two drinks and came home as it's a long ride and well, didn't really want to be stuck out there til all hours of the morning. (HEY, there are not signs of the failing economy at this place, which is probably where I caught my germies) ... So I got home around 10ish. Not so bad. BUT my g/f and her family & b/f are going to come to our house at 2pm on Saturday to do a bbq (instead of out to dinner, they decided they'd like to do something casual at MY house). Fine. Not an issue for ME. EXCEPT, I woke up with a major migrane headache. Had to be the smoke and loud noise that I'm not used to. 2pm comes. Everyone shows up. Everyone (thankfully) is moving in slow motion as it turned out to be a very late night ... so glad I came home when I did. We grilled beer can chicken (not my favorite), garlic & mozz sauasage & cheddar brats. I made my oriental cabbage salad and got a cake (would have made had I had more time) and everyone else brought sides and salads over. Party cleared out by 7pm. I went promptly to couch. Hubby, sweet hubby, put away all the leftovers and cleaned the kitchen. He woke me up at 8 to go to bed. Woke up at 11:30 Sunday. Major Migrane. And tossing cookies. Although, nothing really there to toss ... Princess (at Fort Leonardwood base) had her phone that day for a full 8 hours. Woohoo. Thankfully, she was not allowed to walk & talk at the same time so I got rest in between her little excursions. Hubby is traveling on Monday and needed to come to life & get some laundry done, ironing and such. Coffee helped for a bit. 8pm, passed out cold again Sunday night. Woke up Monday, no headache. But ohhhhh.... tossing my cookies big time. Finally get the tummy settled and HAVE to go to work for 30 minutes just to finish up a closing from Friday. Uggg. I can't believe I did it. Stayed til 1pm. My boss pretty much kicked me out, following me out the door with Lysol, I'm sure. Tuesday, feel better. BUT now, the cookies are coming out the other end. Good lord. My body has NOTHING left to dispose of ... trust me. Where on earth is this stuff coming from??? Feel much better Tuesday night. Dry deep cough, no fever, barely any sniffles, and just achy. Can't sleep so stay up til midnight watching the "terror alert" stuff and don't really digest any of it. Wednsday, wake up at 5:30am. Make pancakes & sausage for sonny boy & me. Take shower. Pack breakfast to take with me to work. Get about half way to work and whoa baby ... the feeling of both ends coming out was horrible. I am dumping my food out on the seat and putting a sales paper in the plastic bag just in case the cookies won't stay put. Bad feeling driving down the road, trust me. Get to the office, head to restroom and clear everything out. 2 hours later, I feel fine. Just tired, and like someone hit me with a baseball bat. So here I am, 1pm on Wednsday in the office. I feel a heck of a lot better but know that I really should be home resting. BUT honestly, I am the only one in the office that does the stuff I do. I had 2 fundings (done now) and a closing to get ready for. Of course, this is why I came in Monday and continued in today. We have the germx wipes, germx squirty stuff, lysol spray all around my area. People come by and just stand right outside my area cuz they know. BUT if I really really felt worse, I'd leave, trust me. But if I didn't come in I would be that much more behind. So really, in all honestly, I can't believe that I am out & about possibly contaminating others. But yet, I can't stay home either. I KNOW this is not the flu that has alot of people freaked out about (me included) as I do not have a fever ... but I'm willing to be you before this all over & done with, I will have. Uggg.


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