Costco Trip

This time, I stopped at the bank, took out $200.00 and told myself that I absolutely MUST stick to my list and stay under $200.00.

That was a challenge, but not really. I had a list. Pretty specific. Did not get to far off base. AND I only spent $152.00...should have been less but there were a few things that I figured I should get now.

And then I get home, find out our friends are coming over for dinner with some lobsters (Oh Yeah!) and their little fry daddy to fry up some oysters AND shark chips ... and needed oil too. Almost all my canola oil is gone and I was looking right at it at Costco, and said no, I still have 1 1/2 bottles left (small 64 ounce things).

Here's what I got:

2 24 pk welch pure juice $10.99 each
1 36 pk water bottles $3.59
12 lbs of naval oranges $12.99
6.5 lbs frozen b/s chicken breast $15.99
box of frozen breakfast turkey sausage $7.99
turkey lunchmeat $8.19
ham lunchmeat $5.82
4 pk crescent rolls (put back the prebaked ones & got the whack a cans) $5.89
4 pk ground turkey (93/7) for $2.29 lb $14.52 (this is so much better than the ground beef prices)
pk dinner franks (major size hot dogs) $9.99
bag frozen ravioli $9.39
large jug vinegar $3.29
30 pk carnation instant breakfast $8.99
box of multigrain crackers $7.29
large bag of onions $5.79
12 pk long hot dog buns (to go with dinner franks) $1.79
16 pk whole wheat 'sandthins' $4.29
3 dz xlg eggs $3.39
The only thing that was spontanous was the sandthins, they are like burger buns, but thin and only 100 calories each. We had them with our burgers and they are 'ok' ... I don't know why but some whole wheat stuff is ok and others aren't? Oh well. We will be using these for sandwiches, buns, etc.


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