2 week Menu Plan (hopefully!)

Here it is, the 13th and I’ve already spent my full grocery budget for the month. Since I need to get focused, I went ahead and made my menu for 2 weeks. Good friends are coming back after being gone for 2 months, that may toss my plan up in the air a night or two, or even three, I would just move whatever to the next day or take it off the list completely. Also, there is a Friday and Saturday out of the house, Friday is happy hour, so I left the steak & taters on there (in hopes that will lure me home at a decent hour) and Saturday is most likely going to be dinner out with a group of friends to celebrate a birthday. It’s really wasn't difficult to add another 5 to 7 days to the plan, I have so much food in this house it’s not funny and I really need to get back to using up what I have in my personal store … with the exception of bread and milk, and maybe produce I have NO need to go to the store. I think I will just completely skip the sale ads this week & next. Sunday: Pizza, garlic bread & garden salad (ok, fresh pizza from Walmart when shopping today) Monday: Tacos – piece of cake, stocked up on the buy one get one free taco packs Tuesday: Soup and sandwiches, plan on panera bread broccoli soup with pressed sandwiches (watch for recipe link) Wednesday: Leftovers Thursday: Pasta with homemade sauce (watch for recipe) & garlic bread – made the sauce on Sunday, using the rest of the garlic bread from Sunday Friday: Steak & baked taters, steaks in freezer (happy hour, hopefully short) Saturday: Out with a bunch of friends to celebrate birthday Sunday: Hot dogs/brats way too many hot dogs and the brats have been here for a while Monday: Quesadillas most likely veggie style Tuesday: Mac and cheese with smoked sausage trying to locate my favorite mac & cheese recipe, if not, then betty crocker boxed taters Wednesday: Leftovers Thursday: Soup and sandwiches, tomato soup & grilled cheese with bacon sandwiches Friday: Chicken (thighs? Teriyaki with rice?) will post recipe when decided Saturday: Baby back ribs that hubby has been dying to cook up (bought for Labor Day but weather was horrible for grilling) Sunday: Enchiladas with shredded turkey breast in freezer No so bad, huh? For more great ideas, check out the menus of a bunch of other people at Organizing Junkie!


  1. I would love the recipe for the sauce that you made with your pasta on Thursday. Is is a spaghetti sauce or a white sauce?


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