Scare Tactic or just CYA?

So last night, and this morning, all that was on any of the news stations and talk radio channels was the CDC report of the potential number of hospitalized cases for Swine Flu ... oops, I mean, H1N1 Flu this fall. And the potential number of infected people. Not to mention the number of potential deaths. This irritates me a bit. I mean shoot, this has been around the world since April, that we know of. We've know that the potential for it to rear up again would be when the normal flu season comes around. NOW they are starting to make small panic sounds, in my opinion. Whats up with that? Yes, school has started. Yes, I am well aware that alone increases exposure 100%. Yes, I understand that there is a good possibility my child will be exposed to it. And yes, catch it. But good lord! Do not scare people. All of a sudden, they feel like they have to just jump out of the bushes and say "HEY!!!! YOU ARE GOING TO CATCH THIS AND BE VERY VERY SICK" ... I think they are just trying to cover their butts, truthfully. They downplayed it. Remember when the VP said that he told his family to avoid traveling on planes and public transportation (can't remember EXACTLY what he said, but you get the drift)? And then the government jumped right back in and said that everything is JUST FINE, don't WORRY. Ha. I've been preparing, myself. I've got a decent stock of hand sanitizer. Have some tissues but probably need to get more. Have some cold & flu meds, but probably need to get some more. Lots of tea. Lots of broth. Lots of gatorade/propel. Plenty of food if we have to quarantine (thankfully that food hoarding/stockpiling issue will serve it's purpose) ... Yes, I believe I'm ready. And if I have to stay home, I will. I am a little concerned for hubby as he is asthmatic BUT he's fairly healthy and strong and I know how to be a good nurse if need be. However, I do not believe I would get the vacinnation nor would I want any of my family to do so. This just kind of seems rushed to me to get a 'cure' in place. I keep thinking back to the 70's issue where more people died from the vaccine then the virus itself (ohhh....has anyone seen those WICKED shots they show in the pictures???) So, what are you doing to prepare? You know it's going to happen. Just don't hit the panic button at the last minute, you know what I mean?


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