Re-evaluating grocery budget

Of course, this comes AFTER they just had on the news that food prices are going up again. Of course they are! Droughts. Funky weather. Economy in general. Just to be expected. So, I sat down and thought of the things I buy every single time I go to the store. What is bought consistently, week after week. Milk. At least 2 gallons a week. Generally Friday and by Wednesday am, we are low if not out. Eggs. Go through 10 or so a week. Not a lot but it is when it's mostly me, and occasionally Sonny boy eating them. Bread. And buns. Need to get back in habit of bread store (Friday after work) since store brand loafs are over $1.50 now. Soda. Not a lot. Not usually. But Hubby likes his coke with Jack. And Sonny boy likes his soda with friends. And I occasionally have some too. Need to focus more on buying on sale. Cat food and litter. Well not every week. Every other week. Frozen foods, like pizza, ice cream, and such. I know, junk food. Once Sonny boy flies the coop, there will never ever be frozen pizzas in my house again! Hamburger, chicken or meat in general. I am going to group lunchmeat in with this category too. I don't buy all every week. Some weeks I don't buy any meat. But need to really focus more on what we consume & how much I spend on it. Produce. Like lettuce. Strawberries. Grapes. Tomatoes. Bananas, etc. Need to reconsider the produce store again. It's a little out of my way but maybe it would be worth a trip after work one night every 10 days or so. Health & beauty stuff. Like toothpaste, shampoo, tampons, bath soap, etc. Paper products. I am really stocked on everything except paper towels which I just refuse to stock up at the prices they are lately! This also covers plates & cups (oh, need cups soon). So anyways. I did a 'rough' estimate on each category. I must be estimating way low because it would be $208 a month and I KNOW I spend more than that!!! Of course, I didn't include cereal, chips, cookies, etc. because it's not stuff I buy every single week. So. What does this really mean?? It means, if I had to, I could shop for the 3 of us, and the animal, for about $50 a week. Heck, Gayle shops for $60 a week for 6 people. And a dog too now! I took pictures of my pantry and freezers this morning ... and realize that I have way too much food stocked up in this house. Yeah, I know, once I start using it up, the price of food will go up, swine flue will kick in & everyone will be quarantined and I'll be flipping out (as the 3rd medication doesn't seem to be helping much either) ... but it really needs to be done so I can organize!!! So, here's to trying for $50 a week, if not less. I know I can do it. I just need to stick to my goal and stay within MY guidelines. And not let anyone else interfer with my program!!


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