Health insurance and prescriptions

Uggg. You know, it's been forever since I've had a prescription. So now I do. My attitude adjustment pills. Which worked great with the 2 week sample the dr. provided. So I have my followup and we agree that I should take them at dinner time & try just a half of a pill ... to see if a few of the side effects go away (not able to wake up in the morning, etc.) ... So I drop it off at the pharmacy, shop & come back. Sorry, but the insurance company is rejecting it, they want a cheaper alternative or generic brand. Ok, give me a generic. There isn't one. So now my dr. is going back & forth with the insurance company and I am now waiting for her to call ME at work. She's called the house twice & left messages (hello, I work!) ... apparently something is up ... for whatever reason she doesn't really want to change the script. Hmmm. So my thing is this: WTF? I don't have any claims, or anything for years, and now I have something and the insurance company is rejecting it. Wanna know what my cost would be for 30 day supply? $80. That's how much it would be without any insurance help. So give me a break, really. What is it going to hurt the insurance company??? My hubby takes something that cost him $75 a month but the insurance supposely saves him over $800 a month (asthma stuff) ... is that excessive or what?? Ok. Now that I got that off my chest. See, 3 days of no meds and I'm slipping back into my old crabby self ... ha.


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