Family entertainment (again)

And again ... and on and on. Hubby is out with a vendor for dinner. Sonny boy is watching a movie off Netflix and the Xbox live ... really a no brainer if you ask me, I pay the $14 a month for netflix and they have the movies you can watch 'now' just by logging on to your Xbox live account. Sweet, huh? Oh, the Xbox live? It's 30 day free trial and then I think like $50 for a year. May consider it ... most likely will as it offer hours of entertainment. Yeah. Really. We did the Markham park thing again with the sea doo. Fun. Went on Saturday instead of Sunday. What a great time. Really. We wasted a lot of gas but it's definately a lot cheaper than the big behmoth boat. I did not get to speak to princess this weekend. Apparently she does NOT get to call every Sunday. That kind of makes me sad. We did get a little 3 paragraph letter from her. But that didn't say much other than, "I'm here, they feed us a lot, do not send letter yet as I do not have my company I'm with" so not a whole lot of information. Sonny boy passed his driving test and now has his license. However we can not find his latest report card and we need that to show he's had a 3.0 gpa. And I'm sure he doesn't ... that really stinks.


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