Update on the Veggie/Fruit Challenge

So in my quest to expand my veggie options, I am still trying new things and such. I had those lonely single zucchini and squash things. Poor things. I had them in my nifty little hefty green bags for veggies (yeah, they really do work!) ... so the other night, I sliced them sort of thick, along with an onion and red pepper. Tossed them in a bowl with some olive oil & Mrs. Dash season. Sprayed my grill tray (it's the tray that you put over the grill and has little holes in the bottom so stuff doesn't get lost down the grate) and tossed them on over medium high heat. Found out they are so bad with a little charred stuff (don't lecture me on the carbon stuff please) around the edges. I even ate a few pieces of brocolli. Of course, the rest of the weekend I only had a little salad, some tomatoes and some refried beans (all in the bean dip I made for the 4th!) ...


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