Publix has some great gift card offers going on right now. One is buy a $50 gas card for $40 … they had to extend it til the 22nd of July as they ran out. Hubby & I have both agreed to buy and keep for Sonny Boy when he starts driving to school (I hope SOON). Since the weather looked questionable, I stopped at the one downtown that has the parking garage (how sweet is that???) I have to buy 4 specific Kraft items. And spend $50 after coupons. Whew. This was going to be difficult. So I gather all my coupons, do some quick math in my head. Total comes to $78.xx. Woohoo. Cashier separates the coupons, and I notice that it’s the IP (and my catalina for $10 off from WD) from the glossy ones. Hmm. Think nothing. She starts scanning & telling me, “you only bought 1 of these” so I have to go and get the TWO items out of the bags (why do I have to go through this every time?) Finally get through the glossy coupons and then she calls the manager over … hands the managers the IP & WD and shrugs. Manager tells her to take the WD one off but then tells me that they are no longer accepting the computer printed coupons. I asked why (stayed calm), and told the cashier to not use the WD coupon, to cancel the order & give me all the other coupons back as I know my store by home will take them all. Manager tells her to store the order and tells me that if I want to come with her, she can show me the fraudulent coupons that they have been alerted to from corporate. Specifically says that they are A1 Steak sauce and Crystal Light AND Kraft BBQ sauce. Huh. So I go with her (after I grab all my coupons back from the cashier) … and we stand side by side off the customer service counter looking at the computer … guess what? NONE OF MINE WERE ON THERE! She went ahead and took them. Which I greatly appreciated. Put my total at $33 or so. Told her to get me a Publix $25 gift card on there since I needed to hit my $50 total for the rebate. Didn’t have any idea, so told her about it. You know what really made me upset? The fact that they were the KRAFT coupons specifically geared for PUBLIX!! Anyways. Here are some of the ones I remember (ironically, all high dollar or FREE items) Crystal Water Huggies (said it’s an email but fraudulent) Velvetta cheese buy one get one free Coke $1 off 12 pack (we know about this one – I even told her I used 2 before I found out, offered to pay it) And a few others that I can’t remember (was just thankful MINE were not on there). So just a heads up folks! Oh … had to go back this morning on my way to work to drop off the credit card signature receipt as it all came back to me (was probably trying to push me out of the store at that point) … the gal I gave it to was extremely happy that I brought it back … wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t taken it back?


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