Menu Plan Monday

Ok, here we go again. Check out the organizing junkie for lots (and lots) more ideas .... Last week didn't go according to schedule, don't ask me why so a few things are on here again, primarily the Island Pork Sunday - Island Pork salad Monday - Cubano wraps and black bean soup (making it in the bullet, can of black beans, chix broth, onions, a little diced jalapeno, mix up in bullet to soup consistency and then microwave to heat, top with cheese & sour cream) Tuesday - grilled chicken and veggies Wednesday - Shrimp kabobs Thursday - soup & pasta salad Friday - homemade pizza - I think I'll make one a chicken alfredo (or turkey) pizza Saturday - most likely boating which means its really up to hubby what's for dinner. The week does not look all that exciting, sorry about that (to readers & family!) ... I am just not feeling all that motivated at the moment!


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