Is that the swine flu or just the new meds?

So I went to the doctor last week (I know some of my friends thought for sure I would cancel the appointment!) … didn’t eat breakfast or have any coffee, in hopes that if a blood test was needed, we could do it then and there. All for nothing. Uggg. I started to talk to the doctor. And burst in to tears. Oh my God. How humiliating! I was blubbering, where I could not even talk. Anyways. Lexapro. I’ve been given a 2 week sample and go back in 2 weeks. So, I take my first dose that evening. I wake up the next morning at 6:45am with the world’s worse headache. You know. The one that makes you feel like you want to throw up, but you can’t?? Uggg. Take a shower. Lay back down with towel around head & body. Fall asleep. Wake up at 8:15. 8:15!!!??? I have to be at work, like in 45 minutes! Crap! Somehow, I pull it together & get to work. What an uneventful day as far as I can tell. So then Friday I’m still feeling icky. Tired. A little edgy. But yet complacent. I don’t know how to explain it. Oh. And freezing cold. Saturday, I slept til 11am. Folks, I can’t remember the last time I slept that late. Not since my high school days I’m sure. I live for the early morning to get stuff done and out of the way. Wow. Then really, just sat in the chair and couch all day. Tried to read but kept dozing off. Hubby didn’t get up til 3pm. We are not lazy by nature, trust me! I was freezing cold all day long. Wrapped in a blanket for the majority of they day. Snacked on some crackers and popcorn. Finally at 9pm , hubby and sonny boy convinced me to get up and go to eat a burger at Oceans Grill down the street. We get back by 10. I sit on couch, grab my blanket and fall asleep. At 1:30am, I wake up, drenched in sweat. I guess I had a fever and just didn’t realize it since I was so wiped out. So much for thinking the medication was not agreeing with me! Hubby was still sick on Sunday. I felt better. Did laundry. Menu planned. Made some spaghetti & chicken. Soup for hubby. Left the house at 8:30 this morning. Hubby still in bed. He said he was going to work but I told him he should not go and get anyone else sick in the office. I don’t know if he went or not. Now I just hope that Princess didn’t catch it in all her visits the past few days. She ships out on the 4th of August and said that if she’s sick, they won’t let her go … uggg. Oh, and as far as the Lexapro. May not be a good gauge this past weekend as we were sick, but I managed to keep my cool, didn't get worked up about anything and didn't even shed any tears during the goodbye to princess (moved her stuff to Orlando on Sunday).


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