Grocery Shopping and using The Grocery Game

EVERYONE has heard of the Grocery Game, haven't you??!! NO?? Ok, hop right over here and sign up for your free 4 week trial ... I promise, you will like it! After that, it' $10 for 8 weeks for the 1st store and $5 for each additional store (I think all stores are $5 for the 2nd and so on). But let me give you a few tips that I figured out AFTER I signed up for my free 4 weeks, which was just Thursday and today is Sunday: Select ALL the available store s, not just one, say, like Publix. Afterall, you may decide that if you had to choose only ONE (like me), maybe it should be a Walgreens or CVS or whatnot. Check to see when your list become available. Otherwise, you could be like me, talking (grumbling) to the computer about why the list is showing items that YOU know are no longer on sale (Publix list is updated on Sunday). Try not to plan your first exciting list on a holiday weekend. We all know that holiday weekends do not have coupons and the sales are pretty much ehhhh. So all that anticipation and LOOK nothing is green. On a side note: Kmart is having doubles again but with a lot of new rules, maximum of 10 coupons, must have a before coupon total of $25 and so on. Could get some free stuff but will still need to pay in the end. I could go look for some shorts & such, I suppose to fill in the $25? There is a P&G coupon insert today in the paper. You may want to buy 2 or 3. Some high dollar coupons there, $2 off Pantene (which would be $4 at Kmart this week AND they are onl sale for $10 for 3 so .... consider it!) So, I'm off to see if there is anyway I can change my trial to all the stores in my area.


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