Family fun

We've spent 3 of the past 4 weekends out on the boat. Sonny Boy has participated in 2 of those times, which make hubby and me very happy. Princess, well, she's still doing her thing. Enough said.
So, here we have Sonny Boy ... and his dad. They are getting ready to come in the inlet and look to be intensley reading the water ahead.

I even have a few pictures of Sonny boy laughing & smiling at me ... but I'm sure it has nothing to do with me or his dad, but rather the twins that you can see in the upper right hand corner ...


  1. It's a very nice picture. And I'm sure one of those smiles was for you - even if he denies it.

  2. Thanks Chrissy, he would NEVER admit a smile was for me ... at 16 1/2 it's just not 'cool' ...


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