and The Magic Bullet. Holy Crap! I can't believe I bought one of them. Costco has them for $49.95. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I know. Like I really need another kitchen gadget.

Sonny boy came along with me, in hopes of being the driver, but sorry kid, no way.

He had a chip on his shoulder 80% of the trip through the store. The bullet got in the cart within seconds. He, of course, made the remark "like we really need that". Then at check out, I was thinking and going back and forth, and he's like "hey, you can make salsa. Shakes. Protein smoothies" and so on. Ok, off it goes, down the conveyor belt. $394 later.

Asked the girl if she wanted to just tap on another $6 to round it off. She looked at me kind of odd. Guess she didn't have a sense of humor?

So, what did we buy?

English Cukes.
Rather tasty all natural turkey breast lunchmeat (this stuff is to die for, stashed it so hubby doesn't eat eat all in one sitting), pork tenderloins, dinner franks, bacon, fake (turkey) bacon, cottage cheese, tortolinni, 6 lb frozen strawberries, b/s chix breast, b/s chix tenders, canned tuna, canned turkey, whole grain wraps, whole grain english muffins, blueberry muffins, chocolate muffins, pudding, gallons size ziplocs, jelly belly beans, bath soap, tylenol, honey buns, 90 day acne treatment, tp, eggs, bottled water, and oh I know there is some other stuff but can't for the life of me remember.

Oh, garlic. Did I say the magic bullet?

So there's this website/blog out there that she shops at costco. That's the bulk of her shopping. and I really just can NOT grasp how she does it. I mean, I LOVE Costco, but really, I don't think it should be your main source of shopping. Maybe I have the wrong approach? I just blew my month (and then some) budget with this trip. Ok, so figure, $80 of it was stuff that was non food. $50 bullet. $25 acne stuff. $12 tylenol. And a few other things ($15 for jellybelly stuff, OMG. But it really is worth it. Did you know it's fat free and ONE serving is 45 (Forty FIVE) pieces?????) So now I need to lay low on shopping for the next 2 weeks. And try to stick with my menu plan, which is coming up next! OH - did you notice, NO PAPERTOWEL?? Uggg.


  1. Woohoo!! How funny. I found this while double-checking my web address on google. Thanks for linking me! Before I signed up for Costco membership I read this:

    & uou can see what I buy monthly on a gadget on my blog. I LOooVVE only shopping big once a month! You are too hysterical!! Good luck with the savings quest.


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