Army National Guard

So my princess is really shipping out to boot camp on Tuesday. Well, maybe Thursday. To Fort Jackson, SC. Or maybe to Fort Leanord Wood, MO. See, she signed up back in January, 2009. Been going to her monthly drills in West Palm Beach. Had enlisted for intelligence. Had to do the language test (and darn, if she was here she could tell me EXACTLY what its called) passed, but not as good of a final score to put her in the top of the list of people who would like to be in this field. So then she had to pick her 2nd choice, which she did. She does her drill 2 weeks ago. Finds out that SURPRISE ... they never changed her job class so she's back in intelligence. BUT her ship date was for her 2nd choice and she was to be going to Fort Jackson, SC. Now she has no idea WHERE she's going and for what day for sure. Ugggg. We will find out Monday when she goes to MEPS in Miami on Monday morning to sign in. Then she spends the next 24 hours in a hotel til they call her to get on a plane to where ever she is to go. I'm excited for her. Apprehensive. Nervous. Tired. A little crabby (no one can tell me for CERTAIN just what she can take with her). And broke. Financially. This has cost a pretty penny to get her out ... of course, if I could get something IN WRITING telling me what her pack list should be .... oh well. My MIL was saying back when she was a kid, her dad was in the army (died while on duty), they had a flag that was given to them by the military and hung in the window to show that they were a military family. She's asking about that. I have no idea if they still do that? Anyone out there know?? Let me know!


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