Visiting the Produce Store

I just can't call it a farmer's market, it's not. It's Penn Dutch. Been around forever. A little icky but heck, its one of the best fresh produce stores around. Plus they have the meat dept with GREAT prices. I went to get, primarily, the ground turkey for $1.19 a pound and the b/s chix breast for $1.69 a pound. Did NOT the turkey. It was not turkey breast. But now I think I should have gotten it anyway. It's got to have less fat than the cheapest ground beef and still at least 70 cents cheaper a pound. Grrr. Live and learn. I did get TONS of produce. They also had 8 ounce packages of "imitation crab" for 89 cents each. Hubby used to LOVE this stuff ... I hope he still does. Need to go pull some recipes as it's been awhile since I've had any around. So, $40 later, that was pretty much my grocery money for the week. Oh but look! It's Thursday already and my new week starts Friday! Woohoo! I really almost made it a whole week!


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