Nice title, don't you think? As a kid, we didn't have dental insurance. I can remember my FIRST time going to the dentist. It was actually the guy who gives you a shot & pulls your teeth all out, not a dentist. I had 3 cavities that were so bad, my parents just decided it would be best to have them pulled. Owww. Not a good intro to a dentist. I was, oh, 14 or 15? Must have been 14, hubby was not in the picture yet. But it was December. And I had a Christmas Dance to go to (back when they were called Christmas Dance, not Winter Dance) and just so remember the humiliation of looking like a chipmunk, bad breath and not being able to eat. Uggg. Then I also had the issue with BIG teeth, and a somewhat small mouth. My eye teeth were up high so I looked like I had fangs. Ugggg. So, my soft spot is my teeth. About 15 years ago, hubby and I agreed to do the braces. We had dental insurance, and it would cost us like $90 a month. Yeah, I know, that's alot for that long ago, but I wanted the clear ones (wow, was I vain??) So 2 and a half years later, they were done. Amazing. Straight. Beautiful. I smiled so big it wasn't even funny! Now, I admit it. I have not worn my retainer like I should. And they've shifted. But nothing like they used to be. Hubby tells me to go get them fixed again. Nah. I'll wait. BUT one thing that I do have going for me, besides BIG teeth, is that they are fairly white. Not blinding, unnatural white (you know what I'm talking about) ... but I did smoke. I do drink alot of coffee and used to drink sodas too. So for a while there, I used the crest white strips. Those things made my teeth super sensitive. Not to mention the taste, and the unnatural urge to spit, spit, spit and suck on your teeth ... no thanks. I do use a whitening toothpaste (without really thinking of it, I just buy it). So when I was over at the Grocery Cart Challenge, I see that Gayle was posting about teeth whitening. I am going to try this and see if it works. Heck of a lot cheaper than the strips AND I get the feeling that it will not bother my teeth like the strips do either!


  1. Hey I was at Gayle's blog too! I'll try the homemade whitening toothpaste out!


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