Rain. Rain. And More Rain.

We've been very busy the past 2 weeks. Princess graduated from HS (woohoo, thank you God!) on the 30th, inlaws came in on the 27th, more people came in on the 29th and we just lived hard all weekend. Finally on Wednesday, we could breathe a little easier although it was a little sad. My princess has graduated. She is still not home. My family (inlaws) are back in Indiana. I miss them. This is probably one of the best visits we have ever had in all the 20+ years. Maybe because it rained so much every day that we didn't even do a third of what we planned, so we were couped up in the house, sitting around and just chatting. Really. Chatting. For 6 hours at one time. Wow. But the things we talked about :) I loved it ... really enjoyed it. And this animal: has stolen everyone's heart. He was so good, and didn't cause any trouble ... but the minute the company was all gone, he started with this: But that's ok. He replaces this ache in my heart: Not completely, but at least he lets me cuddle when I'm teary eyed & does not ask why I am crying (like now). I really must get over all this


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