Menu Plan

Well, here’s what I plan for the week, but sometimes, life interrupts. And then I get these mangos ... so now I'm thinking I need to incorporate these in to the menu somehow, but who am I kidding? Sonny boy & hubby will NOT eat them and Princess would devour, if only she was around. Uhhh, we aren't going to talk about that now, are we? Sunday – hot dogs with cheese and cukes and tomatoes and whatever else you want, baked beans Monday – Shrimp (possibly on grill if not raining) and rice pilaf with broccoli Tuesday – tacos (taco salad for me and playing with the idea of using 1/2 of the boca meat crumbles with ground beef) Wednesday – Island pork (P90X recipe that's pretty tasty!) Thursday –leftovers Friday – sandwiches & salads Saturday – steak & crashed red taters (I'm thinking of leftover for Monday lunch as the evil jungle salad with some mangos) Sunday – burgers & brats I am trying to eat more fruits & veggies this week and also drink more water (there is the Crystal Light program going on out there and I always drink that stuff at home) … and I’m also trying to get back in to the work out routine (P90X) so really, planning the menu will help so long as I try a little more to stick with it, along with all my other things this week! Of course, just checked out the Pioneer Woman’s site and she’s got a Key Lime Pie (not really) going on … grrr … I have the key lime juice in bottle, and I think all the rest of the ingredients! HEY! That qualifies as more fruit, doesn’t it??


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