The menu for week has been pretty much followed so far, with the exception that Thursday was the sandwiches since we put the boat back in the water, which means this evening will be the Island Pork ... yummm We finally have the boat back in which means more fun stuff on the weekends, so long as we don't get hurricanes and / or rain. Keeping my fingers crossed!! I've been working on a post about the American Dream. Someday, I'll finish it and post ... but it's really a personal opinion and a reflection of my attitude of the economy and general mindset of how we got there in the first place. Oh well. Since I am in the real estate industry, I see first hand how the financial and housing market started sliding. You think someone would have put the screeching brakes on well before this. Ok, off to work. Got a closing package waiting for me, I hope, otherwise I will have to deal with an irrate realtor. Don't get it, the buyer and seller are perfectly fine with closing late afternoon yet the realtor needs to get her blood pressure under control after her recent response. I understand that those commission based individuals are pretty hungry BUT give me a break, you don't run the show, the buyer, then the seller, then the bank do. Not exactly what she wants to hear, I'm sure. Heaven help me if I don't have a loan package ready.


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