Seems that everyone’s mango tree is ripening up right about now. My neighbor forwarded me 2 on Sunday. This morning, my one attorney brought in a bag from his FIL tree. I promptly grabbed one out of the bag & just about gave my other attorney a heart attack when I put it up to my nose to smell. Apparently, a LOT of people have allergic reactions to the skin and sap. Hives. Itching. Swelling. Etc. Huh. Who would have thought? So of course, now I’m itchy, chewy, scratchy. All psychological, thanks to the big boss for that! Purelled the heck out of my hands but that didn’t really cure the feeling! Mental note to self: use plastic gloves when cutting. Of course, anyone who has ever cut open a mango knows that this is going to be dangerous as hell, they are slimy, slippery, juicy little things and now I’m throwing on some plastic gloves? Someone better pre-dial 911.


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