Impulse buy that actually pays off

When I go to Target, I love to do a quick (yeah right) walk through the home goods, particularly the kitchen area. These were $19.99. I picked them up about 2 months or so ago. Hubby complained, constantly because I left them on the countertop, smack in the middle of the work area. And really, did we need ALL 6 of those bowls? Well, matter of fact, we do. I wash at least 2 if not all 6 each and every day. They are used by sonny boy to beat his eggs for breakfast. Hubby uses them to reheat leftovers for lunch (weekends), I use them to mix everything for meals. When I make tacos, they are great for the fillings (largest one gets all the shredded lettuce, next size is for meat, then cheese, then tomatoes, then onions, and so on .... So there you have it, I saw them, thought they looked "cute" and "bright" and "cheery", paid $19.99 and look, they get the most use probably of any other item in the kitchen!


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