Menu Plan Monday

Hubby is traveling this week, Monday thru Thursday (comes home on Thursday) which means it's just me and sonny boy, and the animal, if you want to count him too. Since princess is no longer here, I am starting to cut down on the amount of food I prepare, which means less leftovers, and really, less food that I FEEL I need to be eating (a little reverse psychology there). So, sonny boy & I are having: Quesidilias Ravioli (freezer) McDonalds (49 cent burgers) Then Thursday, hubby comes home, but not til later in the evening grilled chicken & pasta burgers and fries Steak & taters pasta & garlic rolls (will make dinner rolls & sauce from scratch) Of course, we were to have had the steak & taters this last Saturday, but went boating, forgot to take steaks out of freezer, and we were exhausted so ordered 2 pizzas for $30. What are you all planning to eat this week??


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