Friday Night

After a long and busy week, I am sitting on my patio, enjoying a Corona Light with some celery sticks, carrots and cucumbers to munch on, and hope that the healthy snacky stuff will offset the few beers (ha!) that will be consumed this weekend. I just lit the grill while hubby finishes up a phone call to an old friend. We will make, at last, the pork tenderloin that was to have been Wednesday night's dinner. Ah heck, better late than never, right? So, the Grill. Yes, capital G. When hubby was out of work a few years back for 18 months (just long enough for us to exhaust the COBRA insurance option and he is non-insurable) he figured, what the heck and splurged and bought this Grill. Oh. And the new icemaker (which died, oh, 18 months ago but is still in the bar area as a reminder).... anyways, back to the Grill. We've always bought the $99 ones from Sears. They lasted a year (we live in south Florida, near the ocean, lots of corrosive stuff going on around here) and he would go buy the parts to rebuild it for another year at a cost of around $50. So we'd get 2 years before it would just die all together, and then we'd start the thing all over again. WELL. He finally made the decision to bite the bullet, he was worth it, yada yada yada. $1000 later. He comes home from Home Depot with Jenn-Air behomoth thing. Stainless Steel. Side Burner, xxx square inch/foot cooking area, x amount of btu's, you name it. Woohoo. Pretty. Expensive. So NOT needed at that time in our life, but it is what it is. All these years later, maybe 5, it's starting to need to be rebuilt. The thermostat is dead. Well, not dead, just totally inaccurate, which actually, in my book, means dead. The burners need to be replaced. There actually major flames coming out of some areas that I think are areas that have rusted and bigger holes have developed. We've looked for parts. Have to order online. Shipping cost are WAY high. But this evening, I'm in the right frame of mind to click "checkout"... Maybe I should eat another celery stick & drink the rest of my corona and re-evaluate? Hehe. Hope your evening is as eventful as mine!


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