Feeling the need to go shopping

I feel like I've been scrounging for food the past few days, even though I know that's not true (here, take a look at these pics over in this post: http://recipesfif.blogspot.com/2009/06/pantry.html and I think you will agree). But, I am running low on stuff, and running OUT Of stuff (like dishsoap. I have NO dishsoap, having to use the dishwasher every day ...) And running low on stuff puts a little anxiety in my life as I've already come clean and admitted that I am a food hoarder. Now, when you look at those pics, you KNOW that there is no way in heck I can't feed my family (all 3 of us plus the animal) for another week, or perhaps two. BUT. We have friends back in town. We also have boating every weekend again (woohoo!!!!) which requires food during the day ... that can't be just leftovers, or a plate of tortilla chips with cheese melted on top. AND. Well. We have JULY 4th coming up and I'd really like to do a little BBQ that day. Which of course, requires a mandatory trip to Costco. Uggg. So I have a rather legnthy list for Costco. BUT am trying to talk myself out of half of it. At least on this trip. The obvious things that I would buy are the tp & papertowel as I've yet to find a better price anywhere else for the quality (hey, it's kirkland brand, and I've been happy with it for years). But realize, that maybe, just maybe, I should put it off for a little longer if at all possible. See, I want to put $400 on my WAMU/Chase card and use that for July shopping. Groceries, gas, lunch out (yeah, I do cave occasionally) and so on. BUT a trip to Costco would eat up every last penny and then some! You know it would. We joke around (friends) that it's called the $400 store. Just like Target is the $100 store. Come on, you know it's true! So now I need to go back to the list and re-evaluate it. I really need to buy tp, paper towel and dishsoap asap. I suppose I could just pay top freakin dollar for the tp & paper towel at Publix. But then I'll be yelling at hubby to NOT use the paper towel (he's king of paper towel wastage!) which would be downright dumb! Anyone else out there feel the need to do a Costco run??


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