Boating on Saturday

We took the boat out all day long on Saturday. Was glad that sonny boy opted to come along, even though his sis (whom he invited) couldn't come and none of his friends wanted to motivate that early ... we went south to haulover inlet which is an absolutely gorgeously clear water area ... and a nice ride too to be sure the boat is running well.
How do I know it's running well? Look at this:
Says we were going 32 knots and using 27.9 gallons of fuel per hour. Anyone out there want to do the math for me? Haulover inlet is about 20 miles south of the dock. Ah heck. Forget it, don't do the math, it just takes all the fun out of the day.
Then, we saw this going over the las olas bridge when we were on our way out in the morning, but I've never seen it in the water:
This is a huge tourist attraction (I guess) and actually kin dof cute, when you think about it. We beeped the horn at them & everyone started quacking. Kind of cute in a real corny way.
All in all, a great day, bright & sunny, HOT and well, even though we kept applying the sunscreen, we all still got a little crispy, some more than others (I'm pretty much fine) ...


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