7 things

1. Have you ever been doing something & think "I really need to clean this out"? I have this dilema with my tupperware drawer. Its a huge deep and wide door (think the size of a dishwasher) that holds all my lids, bowls & whatever else gets accidentally tossed in there! 2. Hubby finally finished his boat project (maintenance & wax) and we will hopefully put it back in the water on Wednesday. Well, providing it is not some horrible rain & wind like we've been having lately! 3. My legs are sore....and hopefully will be motivated this evening to continue (tried this morning but just could not do it, no energy and still tired). 4. Today is sonny boy's first official day of summer break. No clue what he has planned, but one thing I do know, he will be getting driving lessons. 5. The cat is going nuts with Mr. Mousey...shoving him under the fridge & pulling it back out, along with all the dust bunnies, pieces of food, glass, and I have no idea what some of that other stuff is ... of course, again, see item #1. 6. I have a menu set for the week, will try to remember to post later today and see if I can stick to it ... focusing on more fruits & veggies, more water, etc. All around, just plain healthier. 7. It's Monday. I'm trying to be optomistic!


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