Music Store and Best Buy

What should have started out as a casual trip to the music store turned in to so much more. Sonny boy needed to have the connection on the bass rewired. Also needed new strings for bass and for guitar. And to exchange 2 cables that broke. So off we went. Only one guy working (small place, only music store locally). 4 to 5 other people in there. 2 are getting repairs. 1 is playing a keyboard. Another is scooping out the drums. Tell the guy what we need with repairs, said would not be available til later today. Ok. Then sonny boy says we can get the rest of stuff when we come back. Uhh. Probably won't be til after work on Monday, kiddo. Oh. Wait for the guy to finish the repair (looks like a hihat stand?) then get what we need. $31. Hey, can I get a receipt, thinking on of these days, I am going to incorporate sonny boy for a tax write off on all this musical stuff. Then I realize I've got a best buy reward of $10 that expires on the 9th. So off we go. I ended up buying a laptop. Oh boy. It was only $349.00 after my $10 off. AND I got the same as cash 6 months to pay. AND I didn't buy the $1300 one that I was admiring (touchscreen, huge, etc.). Of course, hubby is not too thrilled. We need a new computer. BUT he didn't want a laptop. But I didn't want a desktop. And well. Darn it. I suppose I should not have done this. Not after new a/c units, insurance payments and additional funds to our not so favorite people. Hmmm. I'm sorry. I forgot again. What is the name of this blog? Frugal In Florida??


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