Menu 5-3 to 5-10

Busy week. Birthday & Cinco de Mayo Tuesday (woohoo) company audit on Thursday and Mother's day on Sunday. Let see how well I stick with the menu ... already thinking of a change or two as we will probably have a few friends over at some time... Turkey with gravy and mashed potatoes (for hubby & sonny boy) with green beans Tacos (beef) with chips & salsa, cinco de mayo Homemade pizza (darn, I thought I had my pizza recipe linked, but don't see it, sauce is in freezer) Sandwiches & salad (green) Hot dogs & cheese fries (the hot dogs are to die for, chicago style) Pork tenderloin Spaghetti & meatballs with homemade dinner rolls (the sauce is already made & in the freezer, the meatballs is a new recipe that I have not tried yet) Oddly enough, I really think I could skip the whole grocery store thing this week as I have all the ingredients needed to make everything. Well, as long as sonny boy doesn't decide to make himself a bag of fries for a snack one day after school!


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