Joy! A new Vacuum

On Friday, I was vacuuming the guest room, cursing the darn Eureka vacuum that I've had for a few years, if even that long. I HATE this vacuum with a passion. It spits stuff out, suction stinks and it's just a miserable vacuum. I also have the little dirt devil that I use on the tile floors (80% of the house) but I tell ya, my ears are ringing after I use it, its so loud! So anyways, grumbling, swearing, just plain cranky as I'm cleaning. I only have a certain amount of time before company starts coming in before princess graduates on Saturday. Finally, threw my hands up in the air, grabbed my purse, keys and 20% off coupon at Bed Bath & Beyond. I'm going for it. Told Hubby (who was working on the boat so he can get it back in the water) that I would be back in 30 minutes. And left. Folks, this is serious business. This is what I got: Wow. I save $110 with my coupon. I literally ran in, grabbed the box, ran to the cashier, gave him my american express & coupon and pretty much rushed him along. Came home, opened the box, snapped (yeah, snapped) everything together, turned her on & was like ... ohhhhhh....nice.... I've vacuumed every single room in this house THREE times already this weekend! Woohoo!!! I love it!


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