It's May. Another month with lots of $ that goes out the door. We have insurances this month. And unfortunately, our 'cheap' insurance last year decided to drop us. Our 'worthless' new insurance guy from last year is totally clueless and helpless, therefore, in my opinion. Worthless. So, being in the real estate biz, I have a few contacts that I seem to see come up frequently. So I start sending emails out to see if any of them can get me coverage for my area. I live in a 'high risk' area. On water. Flood zone, within a few blocks of ocean. Therefore, either I can't get insurance OR they want to charge a fortune. Citizens is my wind policy again. Joy. It's double what my policy was last year (for hazard AND WIND). Hazard is more than what my policy was last year. All in all, for the 2, $4K or so. A year. This, when we have not had a claim in over 10 years. Our car insurance? $2400 a year. Still paying on that ... hope to be finished by June. Was going to take all the extra money I'm making doing some typing jobs and put away in savings, but now I think I will use the first check to pay the computer off (even though it's no interest for 6 months) and then take the rest to pay off the car insurance and then apply any additionals to the wind insurance. Geesh. How bad is that? Anyways. I'm seeing that May should be a self imposed (and stuck with) frugal month. Hmmm. I think I say that EVERY month within the first week?? Oh yeah. I need to remember the name of this blog. Frugal. In. Florida. Ha.


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