I love my boss

Not like 'that' ... but he really is a super nice guy & extremely generous. I came in to work on Monday morning and there, sitting on the kitchen counter, was a big case of tomatoes. We are talking GOURMET tomatoes. Like oh my god these are delicious tomatoes. They (him & wife) have an acquaintance that has land and they grow veggies to sell to the restaurants down on Las Olas Blvd and they were over there Saturday night for dinner. They were told to go ahead and walk the aisles and pick whatever they wanted, however much they wanted. See, here in SE Florida, our growing season is pretty much over and done with til October or so (we are the exact opposites of northern areas due to the heat and sun) and things were pretty much becoming overripe. So they picked BIG tomatoes, little tomatoes. Green tomatoes. Orange tomatoes. Purple peppers (imagine my disappointment, still taste like a regular pepper), yellow peppers & orange peppers. Everything is RIPE and needs to be eaten asap. So he went back home, grabbed a loaf of crusty bread, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, a tub of fresh mozzeralla and salt & pepper. We ate like pigs. Oh my God, it was delicious. Awesome. I brought home a few tomatoes for hubby, and diced one up for his salad last night, one for his lunch today & a sliced one to go with his pressed sandwich (actually, wanted to put ON his sandwich, but I forgot!) There is still a ton in the fridge at work. I may just bring them all home & freeze whole for sauces & such. OH but first, I'm making bruchetta. Oh and maybe some salsa. Oh. And maybe another tomatoe sandwich ...


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