Happy Saturday! Got up at 6:30. Nice to sleep in a bit! Made my menu for the next 2 weeks. Made a grocery list (not much really needed, may skip the store today) Need to pay bills Did 2 loads of laundry (still need folded & put away) Did my ab routine and hope to finish the rest of the day's workout Made a protein shake for breakfast Made a list of misc. things that I need to do today Finally, updating my blogs (which, by the way, are all linked to Frugal In Florida) I really need to go through my coupons and get rid of the expired ones as it's May (!!??) 2nd already. Good lord. Will be having dinner with princess tonight. Nervous. Excited. Worried. Angry (still). All the emotions that I must try and keep in check. I can only hope that she is learning SOMETHING from this little dramatic venture. Ok. Hope to post later. Now, I must get ready to take sonny boy to Modern Music so he can exchange his cables, get new strings for both the bass and guitar and find out WHO is paying for this.


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