Happy Birthday

To me. Joy. I’ve got a sick kid. Told me last night when he got home from school that he didn’t feel very good. Was sleeping when I got home. Didn’t eat dinner, went straight to bed and this morning, at 5:40, I woke him up & told him he had to come see me. His head hurts. And he went and passed out again. Hubby said that he’s been feeling nauseated. Oh NO! Pig Flu! NOT. He’s been trying to take a new medication for the past 6 weeks that makes him nausetated. They say his body needs to get used to it, so he’s gradually increasing his doses. But still. Hubby got me a box of chocolates. Oh yum. I’m sure sonny boy would make a cake or cupcakes if he felt up to it (that’s what he likes to do) … but it’s ok as I really do NOT need that. 45. Wow. I colored my hair Sunday night. Finally. Been putting it off for the longest time. Finally got some Perfect 10 which was on clearance (box was beat up) for $3.50 instead of $14.99. Did good. I like the applicator so much that I rinsed it out & kept it for future coloring. Because after I see the difference of the gray vs light brown, wow, I really need to keep up with this!  Hehe. Anyways. Had I knows sonny boy was still feeling bad, I would have slept in OR worked out. Yeah right. I suppose I could chop the tomatoe, onion, lettuce for dinner tonight? Nah. I’m gonna go surf the net!


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