Because I'm 'cheap', some things are just bought as cheap as I can find it. Coffee was one of the things. I would buy what ever was on sale and the cheapest there was on the shelf. I would listen to princess and hubby say 'yuck' and make references to dirt & mud. Hey, if you don't like it, don't drink it. Then a few months back, I was able to get some GOOD coffee dirt cheap. Cheaper than what was on sale and store brands. I was hooked. What a huge difference there was. I just could not believe it. Less equal and Coffeemate needed. And it was just so darn tasty. I managed to keep getting it cheap, sometimes free (Publix Promise a few times!) and now I can't find it on sale again. Ho hum. BUT I refuse to go back to the Max or Folg stuff. No way. Sorry. So I've been making less than a full pot. About 10 cups or so now instead of 12. Saves a half a scoop which I figure gives me another weeks worth of coffee (4 scoops a day on normal days). Until I can find a good sale again ...


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