The weekend garage sale

The weekend garage sale was a success for me. I didn’t have a lot of stuff, but what I did have, I sold ALL of it with the exception of a few magazines. Amazing. I’m not sure how much $ I really made, how pathetic is that? I had to make change for 2 $50’s and was able to do that so …. My only problem is that I had to mix that money with my other money to make the change & got me all messed up (my change jar along with my singles & fives that I keep in there). All in all, I have a total of $172 in bills. I am quite certain that I made at least $100. So, not so bad for two 4 hour days of sitting with 6 other neighbor ladies that I never get to spend much time with. They are all older than me & retired but we have all lived here for 10 years plus so we call it our little annual get together … it’s fun. I had hubby make a pasta salad to go with lunch on Saturday. Sunday morning I made my cinnamon rolls, AFTER clearing with all the ladies that no one had any sugar issues (diabetes, etc.) as these things are loaded with sugar … they were a hit & we even gave some to the car detail guy that ended up buying ALL my clothes on Sunday morning to ship to the women in Haiti. I knocked the price down to 25 cents a piece once I heard what he was doing. Honestly, would have given them to him at the end of the day if not sold. After we were done (noon on Sunday) I walked over to the church to check out what was left. All the visitors to ours said they had junk & high priced at that. I ended up getting 2 pitchers (one was 2 ¾ qt and the other was a 4 qt) and 2 small canning mason jars. $1 total. I’m happy. OH - the extra cash will be used for groceries so I don't have to withdraw anything from the bank for the next several weeks HOPEFULLY!


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