A Trip Down Dollar Tree Aisles

And $9 later. I went to get Easter stuff. This, after I spent $20 at Target for Easter stuff (oh, and a jar of peanut butter for 56 cents and 3 cans of pumpkin for 64 cents each) … Been a little while since I’ve ‘browsed’ the Dollar Tree aisles. So, here’s what I got: 2 super huge cans of spaghettios … I do not consdier this a stock up as sonny boy will eat them all while on spring break this week, I’m sure 2 packages of 10 count tortillas. THIS after spending $1.89 AFTER a $1 off coupon last week 2 cotton candy bags for easter baskets 2 smartie pills for easter baskets And gee, what is the other thing I bought? Hmmm. I know it’s candy related but darn if I can remember. So anyways, pull out the foody stuff & put away. Leave the rest in bag on bed. Hubby peeks & steals a bag of cotton candy & a bag of smarties…his downfall. I guess I wasn’t thinking when I didn’t but in 3’s. So I don't know, does this kind of set the wrong tone for my Pantry Challenge? I don't 'think' so as it's for a special holiday/occassion. It IS the last year, most likely that my princess will be wake up in the house on Easter Sunday, you know? And her and sonny boy both requested easter eggs and baskets to be hidden this year ... how could I say NO?


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