Starting over on the workouts

Well, I decided (again) that it was time to try and get in a routine. Really. Again. Yeah, yeah. I konw. It's really really hard to get back in the routine. But it also ticks me off that 6 months of hard work & results disappears within 2 months. Monday – did the Pyro P90X dvd. Only did ½ hour. Could NOT keep up with it. Geesh. This is what happens after 2 months?? But I really like this dvd and the moves. Tuesday morning, did the AbRipper P90X (at 7:15am). It’s only 15 minutes or so but good lord! Can not do the v extension thingy, still. Tuesday (later) morning, my legs are little tender. From the Pyro thing. I know I said that the last time too. So that should be motivational enough to keep me going. Tuesday night – grabbed the dvd for arms & shoulders. This is probably one of my favorites that I can do & keep up with. Not sure what tonight (Wednesday) will be but something. Need to pull out my booklet & peek at the next dvd I am suppose to follow. Just a side note, my legs are really sore, as in OW when I sit and OW when I stand. My arms are a little tight and my abs are a little tender. Definitely need to push myself more on the abs, I can tell for sure. Tuesday night I worked out in the florida room, using the Xbox to load the dvd. I really liked this as it’s on the other side of the house, hardwood floor and just out the general populated area. I think I will continue doing it here but only downside is no padded floor. Will need to use a thick, super thick beach towel for the floor routines. OR just break down & buy a stupid mat. Hate to spend any more money than I need to at the moment but it might be necessary. I really should do a pic (just for ME) to see if there is really a difference if I stick to it. I don’t think I can do the hardcore version, but don’t really want to do the lean either. Eating habits needs to be addressed. I am trying to stay away from WHITE carbs (you know, white flour, white bread, etc.). We shall see how that works out! I looooove carbs. Squishy white bread especially! I am also trying to make my mid morning & mid afternoon snacks fruits or other fresh veggies. This could be a problem also.


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