Been a little while since I've posted. Not that long, but longer than I like. Life gets in the way sometimes. I've been having 'issues' with princess. Issues that I just don't feel I'm equipped to deal with. Issues that make ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE to me. Drama. Grrr. Long story short. Thursday to Sunday, never came home. Kept saying she would be later. Never did. Finally said coming home. Said she was staying elsewhere for a 'while'. At that point, I was fed up, angry, miffed, pissed off and so on (get the point?). Stayed calm. Sat on her bed while she packed her 3 duffle bags. Made her give me car keys. Made her give me house key. That didn't get the look of love, that's for sure. She was going to g/f. Then turned out that she can't stay there and is staying with another friend, who, ironically, is a boy, former very very brief boyfriend, fellow National Guard soldier who she goes to her monthly drills with (they drive up together). Hmmm. I would think the mother would want to speak with me just to see whats up & let me know all is ok. I want to speak to the mother to see whats up & make sure all is ok. For those mothers out there, do I hear any "hell yes!"? Granted, she's 18. Shes going to basic training in August. She's never been on her own. Maybe I have held her back too much. Maybe I haven't been as supportive as I should be? Maybe her father isn't either. I don't know. All I know, again, she is breaking my heart. Making me question my own ability to be a good mother. This, after 18 years! What gives?


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