Dinner for Friends

This evening, I want to have 2 other couples over for dinner. The one may or may not bring their 2 kids (one is sonny boy age, the girl is in elementary school). Regardless, I am making brats and sauerkraut in the oven with a cool southwestern layered salad. I'm baking sugar cookies that will be frosted once cool. This is kind of a big deal for me, in a way. See, these 2 couples do not drink. One is health orientated and just don't. The other couple has a spouse who has been in & out of rehab for alcohol. I suggested that we have these 2 couples over for a 'non drinking' dinner to hubby. Not quite sure how he feels about that but he hasn't said a whole lot about it. He is the one that was just telling me the other day that we need to make new friends & reconnect with old ones. There have been a few things that have happened in the not so far past that may or may not have contributed to our lack of staying in touch with old friends. Of course, everyone goes their way living life, and some stay connected, others dont. But the sad thing is when I talk to someone I haven't seen in a while, it's always so good to speak with them and then we make the empty promise that we will get together soon. Of course, that never happens, life gets in the way. So I think it's in all of our best interest to reconnect. Take in to consideration other's lifestyles and be happy to just have each others company, if even for the short time over dinner.


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