Day 4 P90X

Ok, so really, these numbering of the days is sort of like telling a fib. Did not work out Tuesday night. BUT did wake up this morning at 5:30 and had the damn Ab Ripper in the dvd player by 6:15am. Nothing like starting your day off with 15 minutes of a grueling, cruel ab workout. Gag. My arms, triceps particulary, are feeling a little vulnerable today. Hmm. That, I take as a good sign. My abs, at this very moment are wimpering. Hopefully the will feel a little more tomorrow. Seems whenever I've done the ab workout, I'm able to keep up for the most part but don't feel a whole lot (or SEE a whole lot). I think tonight, no, I KNOW tonight I will workout when I get home. Workout. 6pm. Living Room. Kick out ALL the kids. Send them off to the other side of the house. Nothing like a bunch of teens walking by, giving you a freaky smile and shaking their head. Is it the color of my face? The frizzy hair? The gasping of air? The sweat? The mumbling under my breath that this is freakin nuts? Hmm. Could be all of the above.


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