Day 3 P90X

Well, really, I should have started from day 1 but there was NO desire to do chin ups, pulls up and pushups for an hour on a Monday evening. So I went to what would have been my next set had I been sticking to it, Shoulders and Arms. Woohoo. I used 5 lb dumbbells. Probably should see if I can’t find 6 lb ones. I think 8 may be too much. Don’t get me wrong, the 5 were getting a little heavy at the end, but not feeling a burn like I kind of felt I should. This really could become my favorite session. AND I think hubby would like it too. I felt good afterwards. Fatigued. I hate the last thing that we did (can’t remember the name but where you lay on your side and push up with your arm, works them tri muscles real good). This morning, I feel a little tired still, but not sore. We shall see tomorrow on the 48 hour mark. I can tell I worked the muscles differently than we did in boxing class. Pretty neat. OH – my neighbor, Mr. B., he does a kickbox class 4 times a week. Hardcore (he’s in his early 70’s folks!) His trainer is opening a gym down the street from my old gym. Bought some of their equipment (heavybags??). Anyways, he offered to get the pads out and work on my 10 count. Hmmm. I hate doing one on one with pads. Makes me nervous … will have to think about it. I made these protein bars last night and tried one this morning. Not bad. I've had worse, but have had better too. I think, for my own taste, I would reduce the amount of protein powder as I'm one of them powder phobia people.


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