April = Pantry/Freezer Challenge

So I’ve decided (again!) to try and clear out the pantry & freezers. Seriously, I have NO room in either. Yet, I still hear “there’s nothing to eat”. Amazing. I am NOT setting a limit on the grocery spending each week. Why set myself up for failure on the very first rule?? That’s just the way it is. I am however, setting a limit on what I will buy/stock up on. Actually, I say NO STOCKING UP (no room) but if it’s one of them deals where I just can’t say no (free, almost free) then I will still buy it. I will still buy fresh produce, dairy products (I think I’m set on cheese for a few months) and bread stuff. Meat, as needed, on great sale (no room in freezer). So my question is: do I want to post our daily intake of food or not? Do I want to post my daily/weekly shopping trips & cost, or not? I think YES to both (not to bore anyone but maybe it will keep ME accountable!). So keep an eye out … and wish me luck. Of course, feel free to link up if you want to participate!!


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