April Pantry Challenge - OR NOT?

So we owe IRS AGAIN (??!!) it looks like. The kids have a week off for spring break, starting at noon today. Easter is coming up (and there is no Easter Bunny in my neighborhood) My friends from Colorado come back (his biopsy came back negative which is GREAT news). I have big car insurance due. Homeowners insurance is due in May and we KNOW it’s going way up as our current carrier has failed to renew us (thanks a lot). Soooo….here we go again. My feeble attempt to save even more money. Pantry Challenge! Here’s my rules (meant to be broken occasionally): No canned goods (unless to die for rock bottom price) No meat (unless to die for rock bottom price, see a pattern here?) Produce as needed Dairy (milk, eggs, sour cream) as needed Kids snacks as needed (I will be the one to determine this) I think to reduce my spending splurges/habits, I will have princess stop at the Walmart Neighborhood Market on way home from school this month to get the produce as needed. She needs to learn to shop for this stuff (18 years old) and be frugal too. She literally drives by it every day so …. My pantry and freezers are STUFFED full. Seriously. I had pantry stuff sitting on the dining room table on Friday & Saturday that I had not room to put away. Good lord. That is pathetic. Although, I wanted to send hubby to Penn Dutch…they had the pork shoulders on sale for 49 cents lb whereas I just paid $1.59 lb last week for the one I made Sunday in the Cuban Pork recipe. BUT I didn't. I resisted. So, who’s in??


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